The Chic Find | Tips for Saving Money on a Wedding

October 12, 2016

Tips for Saving money on a wedding


Marrying the love of your life is such a exciting time but what's not exciting is all the costs.  If you are looking for some Tips for Saving money on a wedding we have got you covered.  From the perfect wedding dress to the menu these are some of the best tips for saving money on a wedding.  

1. Don’t get married on a Saturday.

2. Take your time: A longer engagement will allow you to plan and research thereby saving money. 

3. Save Money on Your Wedding Dress:  The Chic Find Wedding shop offers gorgeous custom gowns on a budget.  There is no need to spend thousands to look gorgeous.  

4.Get married right at the end of the off-season.

5. Find a venue that doesn’t require you to use their vendors.

6. Have your ceremony and reception in the same place.

8. Have your reception at a restaurant. You'll save money by not having to rent a venue. 

9. Get married at the courthouse. Then host a friends and family reception. 

10. Don’t serve a sit-down dinner. Save money by serving hors d’oeuvres